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I help women take ownership of their careers and excel as leaders in their profession.

I've spent my entire life working in male dominated professions. I enrolled in Army Cadets at the age of 13, joined the Canadian Forces Reserves at 17 and became a police officer at the age of 27. I've served a total of 25 years in the Reserves and am in my 22nd year of policing.

In my spare time, I'm a competitive pistol shooter, participating in events around the world. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I've completed two marathons as part of the Run Disney Dopey Challenge held annually in Orlando, Florida.

My focus is on using the knowledge and skills I've gained through education, on-the-job experience and as a competitive athlete to help women succeed and lead.

I'd love to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

My Mission Is...

For women to rise as leaders in their chosen profession.
I want them to have access to all the opportunity and guidance afforded their male counterparts.
I want them to follow their dreams and not be held back by their gender.

Gender discrimination. Sexual harassment. Being thought stupid or less qualified until proven otherwise.
Toxic work environments. Dinosaur bosses. Troll co-workers.
Stress. Burnout. Frustration. Self-doubt.

I want to change all of that!

And it starts with you.

Let's stop competing with each other and rise together! Let me show you how.

Some fun facts about ME...

  • I grew up in a military family and have lived all over Canada
  • I love pizza, wine and chocolate - none of which help with my fitness goals
  • I'm a Disney fanatic
  • I've raised 4 puppies but no children. Puppy number 4 is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Rebel ....hmmm, no surprise she's a bit of a handful
  • I'm a competitive pistol shooter
  • I love scuba diving but I'm terrified of sharks
  • My childhood idol was Laura Ingles Wilder - I still have all of my Little House on the Prairie books
  • But I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up...okay I came pretty close on that one

“Don’t let your fears take the place of your dreams.”

Walt Disney

Let's Work Together


A program designed to accelerate your path to progression and promotion in your career. If you are tired of being passed over,
 or don't know how to get ahead,
this program is for you.


A community of like minded women seeking to succeed and lead in male dominated professions while keeping their life in balance along the way.


Each month I have a limited number of 1:1 coaching slots available for those of you who want a very personalized and tailored experience.

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